PEM  Offshore  Simulation  And  Innovation  Center  is pleased to notify Nigerians and indeed Africa at large of her being  nominated as  the  Maritime  Training  Center  for  the  OPTS  Group  Local  Content Initiative  to  train  and  Certify  Local  Seafarers  to  International  Standard.
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The  OPTS  Group  is  made  up  of  Chevron,  AGIP/ENI,  Shell,  Total,  Mobil Producing  Nigeria  and  Addax  Petroleum.  Chevron  has  so far activated and  initiated  their  Contract in which over 40 students/seafarers have been trained and certified by POSAIC academy.

With this initiative, the above listed oil and gas conglomerates will be embarking on the sponsorship of their seafaring personnel on capacity building with the use of POSAIC’s world-class facilities.

Some of the courses to offer for the initiative includes but not limited to the following:

* Basic  Dynamic  Position,

* Advanced  Dynamic  Position,

* Basic  ASD  Tractor  Tug  Operator’s  Training,

* Advance  ASD  Tractor  Tug  Operator’s  Training,

* Basic  Ship  Handling  Training,

*  Advanced  Ship  Handling  Training,

* ECDIS  training

* Bridge  Resource  Management

* Master/Pilot  Relationship  Training

* ABS  Offshore  /  Maritime  Courses

* Radar/ARPA  training  (coming  soon),

* Crane  Operators  Simulation  training  (coming  soon)

This is yet another great news and opportunity for most Nigerian seafarers, all thanks to the OPTS Group Local Content Initiative.

Article By: L.M.