ISM Code: Internal Auditor

Held in: Lagos, Nigeria


The ISM Code requires a company to conduct internal audits of its safety management system by qualified personnel. Personnel qualifications and training records are verified by the flag Administration and/or Recognized Organization during certification and audits. This course is intended to provide participants with an understanding of the techniques and personal attributes required to perform an internal audit. The requirements of the ISM Code are reviewed with the intent of verifying the company’s conformity with the requirements. The audit techniques presented during the course contribute to continual improvement and system integrity. This course contains interactive case studies to enhance understanding.


  • Evolution of the ISM Code
  • Defining safety fundamentals
  • Requirements of the ISM Code, Parts A and B
  • Awareness of current industry standards
  • Types of audits and basic steps in the development of an
  • internal audit program
  • Phases of an internal audit:
    • Planning the audit
    • Conducting the audit
    • Reporting the audit
    • Audit follow-up and verification
  • Identifying the ‘qualified auditor’
  • Audit techniques including effective communication during
  • audit investigations
  • Case studies

DURATION: 3 days

Course Duration

3 days.

Number of Participants

Maximum 20 participants.

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