Dynamic Positioning Simulator (Advanced)

Held in: Lagos, Nigeria

Course Objective

This course provides personnel engaged in the Dynamic Positioning Operator training scheme with further insight, experience and confidence in performing offshore operations under DP control.


The course is designed for Deck Officers, Engineer Officers and personnel working toward an STCW Certificate of Competency (COC) who are already registered on The Nautical Institute DP Operators Certification Scheme.

Course Content

The DP Simulator course offers students the opportunity to develop their DP skills through balanced delivery of theory and practical simulation tasks. The course enhances and develops the skills in DP through:

• Discussion and application of lessons learned to date.

• DP operation planning and preparation.

• Operating the DP desk under normal and pressure conditions.

• Discussion of systems failures.

• Developing decision making on courses of action due to numerous systems failures.

• Developing communication skills as a part of the bridge team and overall project team.

• Analysis and interpretation of DP trends.

• Understanding of alarms and printer readout.

• Understanding and initiating DP Alert status alarms.

• Practice effective bridge and project teamwork.

Training is conducted using Kongsberg K-PosDP simulation equipment.

Dynamic positioning Simulator

Course Pre-requisites

Participants must have a DP Induction Course Certificate and successfully completed phase 2 of the Dynamic Positioning Officer training program on a DP capable vessel. For further guidance, please refer to www.nautinst.org.

Course Duration

4 days.

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