PEM OFFSHORE SIMULATION AND INNOVATION CENTER concludes the batch-6 training for Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD) Tractor Tug training for Smit Lannalco crew.
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The ASD Tractor Tug Simulator Training happens to provide pilots and tug captains with both theoretical and practical background knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of tugs, and of what can be expected in practice when tugs render assistance, gives a better understanding of tugs and their performance and results in
more efficient and safe ways of building up practical experience. The importance of a proper training has grown since the appearance of tugs with different propulsion systems. Several accidents have happened due to the fact that tug masters lacked sufficient experience with the tug under their command.

Tugs are a costly investment and should therefore be used in the most efficient way. In addition, port developments do not always keep pace with increased ship size or draft and a minimum number of tugs is often used due to economic pressure. This results in diminishing safety and operational margins and a more essential role for the remaining tugs. This role can also grow due to the increased power of tugs, resulting in the use of fewer tugs per ship. Tug captains and pilots should therefore possess the ability to use or handle a tug to its fullest capability, which can only be achieved by proper training and this is the main reason for POSAIC Marine Simulation center.

POSAIC posses Nautical Institute(N.I), DNV-GL, and ABS Academy licenses with state of the art simulation equipment fron KONGSBERG Maritime to train seafarers on various important and highly demanding courses. Please click below link for the courses we offer:

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