Orientation to In Service Classification and Statutory Surveys

Held in: Lagos, Nigeria

Course Objectives and Benefits

The classification process and its interrelationship with international and flag regulations is not always well understood. This course, specifically structured for those in a supervisory role within a shipowning, operating ormanagement company, is intended to provide participantswith an insight into the evolution of classification and statutory requirements with particular emphasis on in-service surveys.

Course Highlights

  • What is classification?
  • Scope of classification surveys:
    • The role of the surveyor
    • Class surveys
    • Surveys during construction
    • Damage surveys
    • Transfer of class
    • Surveys during sale of vessel
    • Equipment certification
    • Cargo gear surveys
    • Dual/double class
  • Relationship between classification and statutory surveys
  • Statutory surveys
    • Delegation of authority by flag Administrations
    • Status of the surveyor during statutory surveys
    • Load Line surveys
    • Safety construction, safety equipment, safety radio
    • surveys
    • Intervals and scope
    • MARPOL 1973-78: surveys based on the various chapters
    • Other surveys related to statutory work

Course Pre-requisites


Course Duration

5 days.

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