Orientation to New Construction Classification & Statutory Requirements

Held in: Lagos, Nigeria

Course Objectives and Benefits

This course is intended to enhance participants’ understanding of the steps for the classification and certification of a vessel from order to delivery. Participants will be introduced to the role ofengineering and survey for classing new vessels and understand the requirements for plan review of hull, machinery, piping and other vessel systems. Participants will also review Rules, standards and other regulations related to classification and certification of vessels and understand the scope of surveys during construction.

Course Highlights

  • What is classification?
  • What are statutory requirements?
  • Hull Rules and plan review
  • Machinery Rules and plan review
  • Piping and electrical installations
  • Materials and welding
  • Nondestructive testing and evaluation
  • New construction surveys
  • Cargo gear
  • Type approval
  • Load Line
  • Tonnage

Course Pre-requisites


Course Duration

5 days.

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