Dynamic positioning operator refresher training course

Held in: Lagos, Nigeria


To update the participant’s knowledge of the principles of Dynamic Positioning, DP operations, DP watch keeping “best practice” and DP emergencies taking into account recent developments and current Industry requirements /guidelines.

Participants will be required to prove through practical exercises that they are able to plan and execute DP operations.

This will include risk assessment, contingency planning, toolbox talk and the assessment of vessel capability. During simulated bridge watchkeeping, participants will be required carry out DP watch keeping practices. This includes execution of the Operational plan, completion of appropriate DP checklists and watch hand over. During this process they will be required to recognize and respond correctly to a variety of alarms, warnings and information messages which could lead to catastrophic failure.


Participants / Course Pre-requisites

For participants who hold a Nautical Institute DP certificate and who have been operating in DP for 3-5 years without refresher training.


Course Content

• DP principles / functionality

• Elements of a Dynamic Positioning System

• DP rules and guidelines / redundancy

• Practical operation of a DP System

• Operational planning

• Best practice watch keeping during DP operations

• Simulator exercises



Course Pre-requisites

Course participants should hold, as a minimum qualification, a STCW II/1 or II/2 or II/3 or III/6 Certificate of competency.

Course Duration

3 days.

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