PEM Offshore Simulation and Innovation Centre ( POSAIC ) has again made some new offshore simulation training courses available in Nigeria thus eliminating capital flight and the stress faced by candidates wanting to take their training abroad.

DP Pix

Considering the economic situation(Recession), we at POSAIC have taken the pain to drastically reduce our training fees and all fees are now charged in Naira ( # ); this is to ensure all Nigerian seafarers get a world class training on the following courses at the best and competitive price ever!

Please see below our courses and their newly slashed prices.

1. Basic Dynamic Positioning (Induction) Course  – N573,000.00
2. Advanced Dynamic Positioning Course  – N572,250.00
3.Basic ASD Tractor Tug Course  – N475,000.00
4.Advanced ASD Tractor Tug Course  – N676,800.00
5.Dynamic Positioning Operator Refresher Course  – N396,500.00
6.Dynamic Positioning Familiarization Course  – N280,000.00
7. Basic Ship Handling Course – N505,000.00 (NEW)
8. Maritime Resource Management – N395,000.00 (NEW)

 NOTE: The courses fee includes Feeding( Break Fast, Launch, Dinner) and Accommodation –  compulsory
Also, Students or cadets undergoing a training for STCW Certification are given 20% discount on the course fee.

Coming on stream are the following courses;

  1. Security Awareness for all seafarers.
  2. Security Awareness for seafarers with designated security duties
  3. Master Pilot information Exchange (MPE)
  4. Electronic chart Display and Information System (ECDIS)

For more information on our courses and booking , kindly find the attached Course brochure  or visit

Please find below information /courses pre-requisite guide, kindly ensure that candidates presented for training meet up with the respective training  requirements as detailed below.

 DP Basic
Dynamic Positioning Basic: Admissible for seafarers in possession of Certificate of Competence (navigation, engine room and electro technical officer). 

DP Advanced
Dynamic Positioning Advanced: Seafarers in possession of Certificate of Competence in combination with DP Basic certificate and (60 DP days on board DP vessels for Basic DP done after 1st January 2015, 0r 30days DP Days on board DP Vessel when the Basic DP is done before 1st January,2015). 

DP Familiarization
Dynamic Positioning Familiarization: Admissible for offshore project staff employed in project design and installation engineering for example (but not limited to) diving supervisors, human resource managers, operational managers, technical managers, Rig owner, vessel owners, etc..

DP Refresher
Dynamic Positioning Refresher: Participants who hold a Nautical Institute DP operators certificate who have been operating DP vessels for 3-5 years without refresher training.

Basic Ship handling
Participants who are officer in charge of a navigational watch and/or DP Operator on ships of 500 gross tonnes or more. Students should have a COC according to the STCW requirements.

Maritime Resource Management (MRM)
Participants that are willing to enter this course should have a minimum of six months’ watch keeping experience as officer in charge of a navigational or engine room watch.

 Basic ASD TUG Operator Course
The Simulator Basic ASD TUG Operator Course: participant   licensed as per national/ STCW requirements COC,  have experience operating conventional tugs or supply ships; and

Have a good understanding of the English language.

 Thank you for taking out time from your busy schedule to read this good-news. Please help us and Help Nigerian seafarers by circulating this information to your like minded friends and colleagues.