Advanced Shiphandling

Held in: Houston, Texas, USA.


The Simulator Basic Ship Handling Course is designed to meet the ship handling competency requirements for masters and chief mates on ships of 500 gross tonnes or more as stipulated in Table A-­‐II/2 of the STCW Code.

The design of the course assumes that the students are:

  • licensed as per national/ STCW requirements, and
  • have a good understanding of the English language.


The objective of this course will be accomplished over five training days. Individual Performance Objectives

(PO) to be achieved are:

  • PO 100 – Maneuver vessels when approaching pilot stations and embarking or disembarking pilots with due regard to weather, tide, head-­‐reach and stopping distances;
  • PO 101 – Maneuver vessels in rivers, estuaries and restricted waters, having regard to the effects of current, wind and restricted water on helm response;
  • PO 102 – Conduct planned turns using of constant rate of turn techniques;
  • PO 103 – Maneuver vessels in shallow water, including conditions where under-­‐keel clearance is reduced due to squat, rolling and pitching;
  • PO 104 – Conduct maneuvers that involve interaction between passing ships and between own ship and nearby banks (canal effect);
  • PO 105 – Conduct berthing and un-­‐berthing under various conditions of wind, tide and current with and without tugs;
  • PO 106 – Come to anchor under various conditions of wind, tide and current with and without tugs; and
  • PO 107 – Maneuver in heavy weather to include assisting a ship or aircraft in distress, towing operations, and the launch of rescue boats or survival craft.

Method of Achieving Objectives

Candidates will receive presentations on key knowledge and theoretical maneuvering principles/ ship handling phenomena followed by practical simulation sessions where this knowledge must be applied to practical maneuvering. The course is designed to capitalize on the full capabilities of FMS/ PTT as an illustrative, developmental, and assessment tool.

Course Management Details

The course will be conducted at the designated Training Institute. The environment will be classroom and the FMS/ PTT. The optimum number of students is four, maximum eight and minimum two. The desired instructor to student ratio is 1:4. A typical schedule is contained in Annex A. Assessment. Students are assessed based on their ability to complete practical assignments related to each PO.

Course Duration – 5 Days

advanced shiphandling

Course Duration

5 days.

Number of Participants

Maximum 6 participants.

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