DP Operator (Induction) Course

Held in: Lagos, Nigeria

Course Objective


The minimum qualification is set at STCW Regulation II/1

– II/2 – II/3 Deck, Regulation III/1 – III /2 – III/3 – III/6 Engine and Regulation III/6 for ETOs Alternative appropriate marine vocational qualification will be considered on a case by case basis.

Prospective DPOs, who are in the process of training for an STCW certificate, can start the DP scheme and complete Basic (Induction) course and 30 days Familiarisation only. See also: http://www.nautinst.org/.

Participants not qualifying for entry into the Nautical Institutes DP Operator Certification scheme may follow the course, but will not participate in the NI examination and will be issued a certificate of attendance for a “DP Awareness Course”.


The Induction course covers the following aspects of dynamic positioning:

  • Definition of DP, elements of the DP system, DP systems redundancy, and Class Requirements
  • Functions of the DP system, and DP principles
  • Different types of DP vessels and DP operations, sensors and use of sensor inputs
  • Introduction to position reference systems and the DP
  • system’s use of position measurements
  • Vessel capability, DP consequence analysis and DP capability analysis
  • Thrusters and maneuvering systems
  • Power systems and Blackout Prevention
  • Operational procedures for DP operation, and procedures for operating the DP system
  • Study of DP incidents
  • Principal use of the DP system

Training is conducted using Kongsberg K-Pos Icon DP simulation equipment.

Learning Objectives

  • After the course, the successful participants are able to:
  • Define the principles of DP.
  • Recognise the component parts of a DP system.
  • Understand the relationship between vessel movement, position reference systems, sensors, computers, propulsion units and feedback.
  • Understand the concept of redundancy.
  • Understand the DP modes of control.
  • Describe the operation of sensors and common position reference systems.
  • Describe the operation of computers.
  • Describe propulsion units, types and configurations.
  • Understand power supply, redundancy and management.
  • Practice communication and watch handover procedures.

Course Pre-requisites

Participants must hold appropriate STCW certification or be studying towards an appropriate STCW recognized certificate. Participants may benefit from having some previous offshore experience.

Course Duration

3 days.

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